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Driving Theory Test

The UK theory test was introduced in July 1996 as an additional requirement to the DSA driving examination. In November 2002 the DSA added another module as part of the theory exam called the Hazard Perception test.

It is now compulsory to sit your Theory and Hazard Perception test (normally referred to as your Theory test) if you want to pass your UK driving “L plate” exam, what’s more you must sit and pass your Theory test before the DSA will allow you to book your practical exam.

Booking Your Theory.

Some pupils jump in feet first and pass this exam before having any driving lessons, whilst others prefer to gain experience with a driving instructor before booking the exam. There is no golden rule as to which works best and it really is a personal choice, however keep in mind that your Theory Test Pass will only be valid for 2 years and if you have not sat your practical exam and passed within this time frame you will be required to re-sit your theory once more.

Before booking your Theory Test you MUST have your UK provisional driving licence. Failure to show both parts of your provisional driving licence will result in your exam being cancelled and the loss of fee paid.

For more information connected to the Fee’s charged by the DSA please follow this link (Click Here)

If you have started your driving lessons with a DSBS approved driving instructor then your instructor will help you book your exam, however if you prefer to book your exam directly with the DSA please follow this link (Click Here To Book Your Exam).

About the Exam.

As detailed at the beginning of this page the DSA have now added to the original Theory test, meaning your exam will be made up of 2 parts:

  • The Multiple Choice Theory Part
  • The Hazard Perception Part

Both parts of the exam are taken on the same day and the number of correct answers given by yourself from both parts will determine a Pass or Fail.

The Multiple Choice Theory Part.

You will be asked to complete this part first, before moving onto the Hazard Perception part. Before the test begins you will be given instructions, demonstrating how this part works.

You will be given the option to sit through a trial session helping you to become familiar to the layout and how you interact with the computer; in this trial your score will NOT count towards your final score and at the end of the trial the computer will confirm that you are about to start the real exam.

For each question shown, you will be given a question and several possible answers, you must select the answers that you think are correct by ticking the multiple choice boxes.

PLEASE read the questions carefully, most people fail because they jump to answer the question without actually understanding the question. Read the question 2 or 3 times if you need to before answering.

Helpful Hint.  You can move between questions and return to those questions at the end of the exam should you worry that some have not been answered.

The exam will last for 57 minutes and you must answer correctly 43 out of the 50 questions in order to pass this part of the exam.

Once your exam has finished you will be given the opportunity to have a 3-minute break or to continue with the final part of the exam, the “hazard Perception Test”.

Studying for your Theory Part 1 “Multiple Choice Exams”

Unfortunately from the 23rd January 2013 the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) altered their approach to this section of the exam by introducing new questions that are no longer published to the public.

You will find 100’s of websites allowing you to practice your questions however these sites (unless the DSA or Governmental) contain the question sets prior to the changes, please continue to use them as a training process however don’t be surprised if the questions you practice from these sites don’t appear in the exam.

To practice using the DSA's official website, please follow this link. (Click Here

A large section within your theory multiple choice exam is taken from the Highway Code – We advise all of our students to study the highway code; some useful links are listed below :

More useful resources are available from the TSO Shop – The TSO Shop is the official publisher for the DSA online store. Please note DSBS has no affiliation with this provider although they are the recommended supplier of DSA products.

The Hazard Perception Part

This part of the exam consists of 14 video clips, each running for a few minutes featuring every day road scenes that you will need to acknowledge when you see a potential hazard appear.

Each video clip will show at least 1 potential hazard although 1 clip will contain 2.

Remember the earlier you acknowledge the hazard the more points your will receive. Each section has a maximum of 5 points to be collected, although don’t click constantly otherwise you will receive 0 points due to continual clicking.

Unlike the Multiple Choice Theory test you will not be given the opportunity to review your answers.

In order to pass the Hazard perception part of the theory exam you need to score minimum of 44 out of 75.

After both parts of the exam have finished.

Once both parts of your exam have been completed you will be given directions to leave the test room and return back to reception, where you will be handed the results of your exam (Pass or Fail).


If you pass you will be given a Theory Test Pass certificate with a unique pass code, this document will be needed to book your practical exam so please keep it safe. You now have 2 years to pass your practical – Good Luck


If you fail, you will need to retake the exam again, unfortunately even if you passed the Hazard Perception but failed the Multiple Question part or vice versa you will need to retake the whole exam once more. You will not be allowed to re-sit the exam for at least 3 days, and sadly you will have to pay once more to sit the exam.

If you have any questions in connection to the Theory or Hazard perception exam please feel free to contact a member of our Customer Support Team on 0800 080 5410.