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Practical Test Centres

Throughout the UK the DSA have established test centres that your instructor will take you to on the day of your practical exam. This centre will be the starting and finishing point of your exam.

When you arrive you will park your car in the test centre car park, or a nearby road if no car park is available, 

You will enter the test centre with your driving instructor and wait for your examiner. When your examiner arrives he will want to check your paper work and run through a quick guide of the exam itself.

You will then leave the test centre with the examiner (your instructor will remain at the test centre unless you inform the examiner that you want your instructor to come with you on the test) and you will walk out to your car.

At this stage the examiner will want to cover the “ Show Me, Tell Me Questions”, take your time, answer the questions and if your not 100% sure what the examiner said, ask them to repeat the question.

Once you have completed this part of the exam your practical exam will start; click here to read more about the practical exam.

Although much of your exam will be taken away from the test centre many pupils like to visit the test centre in order to familiarise themselves with the immediate surroundings. Your driving instructor will, as part of your training, take you around the area and in some cases even take you into the test centre so you feel comfortable on the day of your exam. But remember it is impossible to learn every test route - so don't even try. Learn how to drive.

To find you’re nearest test centre please click here