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Practical Driving Test Pass Rates

We all love statistical information and it would seem from the overwhelming number of times that we are  asked, there is one question that tops the charts from a pupils perspective “What are your instructors' pass rates?

This is a fantastic question, as it shows the pupil is trying to find out which Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) has the best success getting a pupil through their exams.

Sadly this question is impossible to substantiate, as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) will not publish the data, therefore if a driving school tells you they have a 90% pass rate there is no way to ensure this data is correct. Plus do you really expect them to tell you the truth if their pass rate is low?

However all is not lost when trying to determine an Instructors mentoring ability as the DSA grades each qualified driving instructor, and this grade tells you more about the ADI’s skill sets than the pass rates if they were available.

Approved Driving Instructors and Their Grades.

When an individual decides to become a driving instructor they are required to pass several exams in order to meet the required standards set by the DSA for an Approved Driving Instructor.

The DSA uses a 6-point grading system in order to quantify the instructor’s current levels. Grade 1 – 3 will result in a fail and Grade 4 - 6 a Pass.

In order for a trainee instructor to qualify as an approved driving instructor they must obtain a grade 4 or above in both sections of their final exam.

Trainee Instructors (ungraded) are given permission by the DSA to teach students for a maximum of 6 months before they are required to pass their final part 3 examination. To read more about Trainee Instructors and Cheap Lessons click here.

In the UK today there are approximately 43,474 registered and fully qualified Driving instructors and these instructors have been graded as shown below.

Grade 6 = 2,745 ADI’s have obtained the highest grade possible.

Grade 5 = 15,869 ADI’s have obtained the second highest grade possible.

Grade 4 = 24,339 ADI’s have obtained the lowest grade needed to be an ADI.

DSA Reviews

Once an instructor qualifies the DSA will continue to review the instructor with regular reviews called “Check Tests”.  These are tests carried out by Senior Examiners employed by the DSA to determine if the instructor should be increased in grade or have his grade lowered. 

My ADI and Their Grade.

Now you are armed with the correct information, instead of asking, “What is your Pass rate?” your question should be split into 2 new questions.

1) How Long has the ADI been a Qualified Driving Instructor?

This should give you an instant idea of the experience the Driving Instructor has. The more years they have been teaching the better the ADI should know the DSA requirements. Also if the ADI has been qualified for 5 years you can be assured that the grade (asked in the next question) has been maintained as any instructor that fails the Check Test will lose there grade.

2) What Grade is the Driving Instructor?

Grade 6 being the very best and 4 being lowest grade a qualified instructor can have to remain on the Register of ADI's.

If you would like to discuss our instructors grades or any other enquiry please feel free to call 0800 080 5410