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Approved Driving Instructors

Driving Schools Booking Services currently works with over 1,700 fully qualified driving instructors throughout the UK, who have all passed the DSA examinations required to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and have been graded by the DSA between a Grade 4 and 6.

Are all driving instructors the same?

Sadly the answer is NO. Each ADI like each pupil is human and will approach different scenarios with different techniques. However experience is a massive factor in the instructors ability to efficiently work with a pupil and train up to the standards that the DSA require.

When an individual decides to become an instructor they to have to learn and study in order to pass the three DSA exams required to become fully qualified (ADI). Whilst training a trainee driving instructor (PDI) is allowed to teach students how to drive in order to gain experience of how to teach, and is given 6 months on a trainee licence to help them pass their qualifying exams before the trainee instructor licence is removed.

What does this mean for me?

Many students are tempted with CHEAP lessons, however you must be careful when going down this road. Almost all of the instructors that are offering extremely low lesson prices are trainees and their experience in mentoring a student in order to develop the required skills (as set by the DSA) will be extremely low, meaning you will end up requiring many more lessons in order to pass and that’s just the start. Plus a nationwide study was undertaken at Driving Test Centres throughout the UK to see how being taught by a trainee affects practical exam pass rates, it was found that pupils taught by trainees had over a 25% lower pass rate than those taught by fully qualified instructors.

What you are taught on your driving lessons will keep you safe and alive once you are driivng alone after passing your driving test so buy the best you can.

Trainee instructors only get 6 months before the DSA remove their legal ability to teach students for payment – If you book your lessons with a trainee after he is 3 months into his training and he fails to achieve his Grade 4 (minimum requirement from the DSA) he will be forced to stop your lessons, leaving you high and dry.

Take a minute to read this article from the BBC about the horrors of trainee instructors and the customer support from some other UK driving schools. This article was published in 2010 by the BBC however little has changed within the industry and sadly the same stories are being told (almost) daily by pupils throughout the UK. (Click Here for Article)

How to Avoid Trainee Instructors

It is important to begin by saying that trainee instructors are vital to the industry as many qualified instructors start as a trainee and without them the UK would have no instructors in 40 years time. However due to the hidden costs of trainee instruction you need to ask yourself if paying less for a lesson but needing 20 lessons and more actually saves you money.

The easiest way to determine if your instructor is a trainee is by asking the question before booking “Can you confirm you are a qualified instructor and what grade do you hold?”

To become a qualified driving instructor you must have a Grade 4 or above issued by the DSA. This can be seen from the ADI’s badge that should be displayed in the car window – A “Green Badge” means that they are Qualified. A Trainee has a “Red Badge”

DSBS and Graded Instructors

Driving Schools Booking Services holds great pride in our 1,700 Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) with each and every one holding a DSA Grade 4 or above.

The ADI’s grade is worth more value than the price of a cheap single lesson due to his/her experience and practiced methodology of mentoring students to exam standard as quickly as possible whilst ensuring the student learns to drive safely. Buy quality tuition and stay safe on the road.

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